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Still can’t believe how lucky we are to live in a time and place that allows us to summon inflatable water slides to our door in a matter of days! These guys show up, set it up, and do what they can to make your event a success. Next year, I’m getting the mechanical bull!
We had the BEST experience with Amusements on Demand. They set up the water slide, made sure the pool was properly attached and worked with our generator, and made sure everyone was happy before they left! Wonderful customer service. Sincerely! We'll be ordering from them again soon.
Super easy booking procedure. Dave arrived early to set up the inflatable and was very nice. He provided his phone number in case there were any issues and arrived on time to take down the inflatable. Great experience!
We had last minute problems with another company and Amusements on Demand came and saved the day! Great customer service and really speedy help! 100% recommended.

Get More Conversions Out Of Your Website Traffic

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What It Is

Event Hawk is a suite of apps and systems we add to your current website that significantly and immediately increase conversion rates.

Why You Need It

The average website converts only 1-5% of traffic. This means that at least 95% of your website visitors leave your site without taking a valuable action. 

We’ve tried and tested the best conversion strategies and perfected them for the party rental industry. 

The result? A system we call Event Hawk. 


How It Works

We strategically implement 3 simple steps to make your site conversions skyrocket:

1. We grab your visitors attention with a pop up.

2. They give you their information by filling out our high converting form.

3. We text the leads on your behalf to start the booking process, and you’re only notified for the hottest leads.

It sounds pretty simple and it is. But the reason it works so well is because we’ve been using it for our own party rental company and perfecting it along the way. 

We now have the secret strategy to skyrocket your website’s conversions within hours, not months.

Let Me Ask You Something...

Would you walk up to a complete stranger on the street and ask them to marry you? 


Well that’s exactly what you’re doing when you send traffic to your website and waive a $300 Bounce House rental in front of them expecting them to simply “Check Out” and give you their credit card number.

You’re asking for a big commitment from them, but they just met you!! 

You might be thinking, “Ya people book on my website all the time”. Well guess what? For every online booking you get from a crazy person who’s willing to marry you at first site, you’re missing out on 99 others!!

If you’re getting clicks but no conversions, or you want to get more bookings out of your website, then what you need, is a sales funnel.

What The Heck is a Funnel??

A sales funnel essentially asks your website visitors for a small commitment (their name and phone number) rather than a big commitment (their credit card number). You’ve got an awesome website, and your website visitors are attracted to you (I mean your website lol). They love your water slides and your business seems like it’s run by awesome people!

They like you… so don’t blow it by getting down on one knee! 

How about you ask for their name and number?  They’re obviously on the market and you’re pretty good looking so there’s a good chance they’ll say yes right? 

You got this!! 

Now, all jokes aside, this is easier said than done. Many have tried to simply throw a contact form on their site and failed miserably. I was one of them. 

I tried to bring the ClickFunnels experience to the party rental industry time and time again. I’ve wasted thousands of dollars on marketing, courses, redoing my website, and buying different products. 

It just didn’t work… but just when I was about to give up, something finally started working! With a small team of awesome people, I developed a product that actually DID increase my website’s conversion rate using sales funnels. We call this baby: Event Hawk.

Now I’m offering to save you from going through the same depressing journey that I went through.  Because learning through trial and error, is such a slow and painful way to grow. Learn from my mistakes, use my experience, and grow your company the right way. Not because it’s my way, but because it works!

You Need This!

What if you had an irresistible, lead generating sales funnel added to your site?  What if you could IMMEDIATELY and AUTOMATICALLY text (not just email) every lead that comes in and turn cold traffic into hot leads?  What if there was one place where you could manage all of these text messages, emails, and even Facebook messages?

What if no longer… Event Hawk is the only solution that makes all of this possible exclusively for the party rental industry! 

But we were just talking about funnels, why the sudden emphasis on text messaging?

Email marketing is pain staking, and a text message is way more likely to get opened IMMEDIATELY. While you’re lucky to get 10% of your emails opened (and then ignored), our text message reply rate for the event rental industry is approximately 50-70%!! This is our average REPLY RATE not OPEN RATE, meaning these are people who are opening our marketing text messages and then engaging in conversation.

So how does it work? 

Event Hawk maximizes the potential of every website visitor by:

  • Adding a pop up to your site which grabs the visitor’s attention.
  • Collecting visitor info in exchange for something of value (online quote, coupon code, ebook, catalog).
  • Immediately texting them an automated, human like text message to get them to respond.

From there you or your sales team can engage in a quality conversation with potential clients via text message (through our desktop app or phone app). You can guide them through the booking process, send them a link to book online, or even call them to answer their questions. No matter how you choose to utilize the power of Event Hawk, your competitors’ message will likely be rotting in the client’s spam folder, while your message will be right in their texts for easy access when they’re ready to book. 

You seriously can’t afford NOT to have this. 

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Super easy booking procedure. Dave arrived early to set up the inflatable and was very nice. He provided his phone number in case there were any issues and arrived on time to take down the inflatable. Great experience!

Let me ask you something...

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